Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 26/06/2018

With all of todays action we had a second watchpoint in the cloisters.

9.30 GA four crockets down on the West, two juveniles on NW side of the spire.

9.53 GA flew off.

10.00 1 Juveniles lands on the SE turret fleu de lis.

10.08 1 Juvenile swoops over the cloisters after a flock of pigeons, lands on the lower roof and goes to the ground to feed on a prey remain (one of our volunteers captures a picture).

10.10 Juvenile on NW pinnacle.

10.15 Juvenile lands on top of the spire.

10.20 Male brings back prey and plucks on plucking window.

10.32 Juvenile lands briefly on the spire before flying off SE.

10.35 Male tries to entice juveniles to do a food pass, he circles the spire with food in his talons. None of them respond.

10.36 GA takes over and carries the food in her bill, two juveniles fly out and are very vocal (begging calls) one juvenile takes the food and lands back on the spire on the W side.

10.38 GA  flies W. Male lands on the spire one crocket next to the nest platform.

10.50 GA returns with a freshly caught pigeon and lands on the golden bales on top of the spire, a juvenile flies up and lands next to her, GA flies off and the juvenile starts feeding. Another juvenile lands one crocket above the lowest window. Male flew around the close. GA lands on the back of the spire. The third juvenile lands on the crenulations on the S side of the spire.

11.20 1 juvenile circles the close and lands two crockets down on the S the male lands 2 down on the W.

11.40 GA flies off, juvenile from the crenulations flies off.

12.25 GA flies to the E.

12.40 GA circles spire alarming.

13.00 2 juveniles in flight playing over the close.

13.10 GA lands two crockets down on the W, 1 juvenile lands above the top window the other 2 below GA. Juveniles calling.3rd juvenile on the E side of the spire.

13.45 Male flies in and lands on fleu de lis with some prey taken from the plucking window. He then flies off to the back of the spire.

14.50 Male lands inside the nest box. GA lands 2 crockets down, 3 juveniles flying together.

14.54 1 juvenile lands on the W side.

14.56 Another juvenile lands on the W side.

14.58 All 3 juveniles take flight, playing around the close 1 lands on the fleu de lis the others on the N side.

15.01 GA flew off SE.

15.05 3 juveniles flying over the close in playful flight.

15.11 Male lands on nest box, 1 juvenile lands on the E 3 crockets down.

15.18 2 juveniles playing, 1 juvenile lands on fleu de lis.

15.27 1 juvenile lands on the N side of the spire.

15.29 Juvenile lands on the nest box, the male flies off.

15.32 1 juvenile cruises the close and lands on the N side.

16.00 We finish the day with the same situation.