Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 25/06/2018

Probably the hottest day of the season, with low wind.

8.15  All three juveniles visible on the East side of the spire, both adults on the West side of the spire.

9.30 Male two crockets down on the West, GA brought in prey to the West side of the spire crenulations.

9.55 GA two crockets up from the base of the spire on the West.

10.09 GA flew East, juveniles on the North east turret.

11.19 GA lands on the arch above the nest box, male circles the spire and lands on the North side.

11.22 GA flew off and lands on the platform she then enters and is sunbathing.

11.27 Male flies North.

11.53 Male flies around spire with prey calling to the juveniles trying to entice them out. Finally he lands on the North side of the spire.

12.02 Male again does the same, none of the juveniles respond and he finally lands on the plucking window. We are informed by the photographers some of the juveniles have perched in a tree.

12.05 Male flew West.

12.20 GA flew South. Male takes the opportunity to sunbathe in the nest box.

13.09 GA plucking a pigeon on the golden finials, the male hops one crocket across from the nest.

13.26 Juvenile appears on lowest East side crocket.

13.39 GA flies down with prey the juveniles flies out over the close GA passes food to the juvenile in level flight the juvenile takes the food back to the spire on the North West side.

13.40 GA flew South, juvenile lands on West. Male flew off.

13.49 GA flew in being very vocal and landed on the West side.

14.00 Male two crockets down on the East. GA on the North side of the spire.

14.14 Male flew off.

14.35 Male flew West, all juveniles flying over the cloisters in playful flight. One juvenile lands four crockets below the nest box, Male lands four crockets down from the top of the spire. Another juvenile lands on the West.

14.41 Male flies together with a juvenile.

14.45 All three juveniles and the male are flying around the cloisters, one juvenile lands on the right hand turret, another four below the nest the third continues to fly around the close.

14.56 One juvenile lands on the nest box another juvenile moves to the North side.

15.00 One juvenile on the East plucking window eating.

15.12 One juvenile one crocket above the top window, male lands next to it then flies off to mob a gull. The juvenile from the plucking window takes prey down to the right turret fleu de lis plucks and eats.

16.00 We end the day with the birds in the same position.