Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 22/04/2018

Thanks to Jan Smith and all the volunteers for todays activity log. Thanks to Brendon Ollett for the picture of GA.

Having been dry overnight it was a very warm day, mostly sunny with a few clouds and an intermittent welcome breeze.

There had been a change over about 07.30 but there was some uncertainty about who was incubating.

10.00  The camera confirmed it was the male. GA was on the north aspect of the spire.

A visitor reported seeing a large bird of prey over Mousehold Heath, possibly another peregrine or a goshawk.

10.25 GA flew to the east aspect of the spire, perching 4 crockets above the nest platform facing south.

10.31 Goshawk flew over going south west.

10.34 GA flew east.

10.40 GA observed flying north.

11.00 GA flew to the north aspect of the spire, perching on a turret of the bell tower so giving good views to visitors. She remained there for the next hour until at

12.05 she flew north east.

13.15 A sparrowhawk flew east to west to the rear of the spire, low down and appeared to be chased by a flock of pigeons!

13.15 GA returned, flew round the spire and landed on the edge of the platform. The male flew to the top of the spire and GA resumed incubating the eggs very briefly as at

13.35 she suddenly flew north west followed at

13.39 by the male also flying west / north west. Although no intruder could be seen this seems the most likely explanation for both birds leaving the eggs unattended.

13.57 The male returned to incubate.

14.15 A peregrine was seen flying south, possibly an intruder as at

14.20 The male took over incubation from GA.

15.15 There was a lot of peregrine activity, possibly with an intruding peregrine and also with both adult birds in the air briefly GA stooping to the north west of the spire but failing to make a kill. This continued as we closed the watch point so although there was no successful hunting or food passes during the day there was still a lot of activity, entertaining the over 300 visitors we had during the day.

Zoe and Jack, having spent the day at the Forum, returned in time to help clear up, for which we were all very grateful!




GA Low on the spire taken by Brendon Ollett.