Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 20/06/2018

9.30 GA three crockets down on the East, male on the edge of the nest.

9.59 One juvenile lands on the fleu de lis of the left turret.

10.11 Male flew West.

10.20 Male lands two crockets down from the top of the spire then stoops off to the East.

10.28 one Juvenile lands on the edge of the nest box, another juvenile lands three below the nest box on a crocket. GA is perched one crocket above the top window.

10.30 Juvenile takes flight and returns to the box. Two juveniles take flight the juvenile on the crocket perks up pops it head out over the edge.

10.45 Male two crockets above the plucking window on the East of the spire. Two juveniles on the North East turret.

11.07 Male mobs a gull.

11.15 Male back in the nest box.

11.23 Male flies East.

11.38 Juvenile lands on the nest box.

12.14 Both adults fly East.

12.16 Male lands one crocket above the top window.

12.33 Male flies South East.

13.20 Male returns two crockets down on the East and shortly departs North East.

13.25 GA lands two crockets down from the top of the spire.

13.26 A juvenile emerges from the East side of the spire and then flies back.

13.40 Male stoops low over the close, two juveniles fly round and do a mock food pass and return to the spire.

13.42 Male returns with small food (goldfinch) all juveniles and male wizzzing around  all over the place practising food passes. The male and one juvenile finally land in the nest box. Another large juvenile lands on the South West side of the spire. All three juveniles are in the platform!

14.25 Male flies South East.

14. 40 GA flew South East.

15.00 GA returns from the East with prey (pigeon) and lands on the golden finials on top of the spire. Male follows her in and lands two down. All three juveniles in the box call loudly begging for food. Two juveniles leave the box and fly around the other stays in the nest.

15.05 All three juveniles fly around one lands on the cathedral low roof to the West, one lands on a turret and the other lands on the nest box. The juvenile on the turret then joins the juvenile on the low roof above the cloisters. GA is plucking her prey.

15.10 The two chicks on the roof fly one returns to the South East turret. The male takes a brief flight and then returns to the spire.

15.15 Juvenile on the South East turret flies up towards the top of the spire and knocks the male off his crocket. Another juvenile attempts to land on top of the spire.

16.00 We end the day with some spectacular aerial flight GA brings down prey all three juveniles attempt to catch a food pass. We loose sight of them around the North side of the spire the male joins the activities. GA flies out empty taloned and the juveniles disappear on the bell tower level.