Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 17/06/2018

9.30 Male on the spire close to the top East window, two juveniles on the front turret the other on the North East.

10.00 GA drifts around the spire.

10.07 GA flies in and lands one crocket down above the top window.

10.11 Male lands three crockets down from the top window.

10.20 GA sat one crocket above the top window. One juvenile flies out and lands on the plucking window and plucks food. Male flies in with prey and lands five crockets below the top window and plucks. Another juvenile is visible on the right hand turret. GA lands one crocket below the nest box and preens.

All morning the juveniles are seen making short flights and returning to the spire.

11.55 Male mobs a gull.

12.00 Male returns to the top of the spire.

12.05 Juvenile makes two short flights and land on different crockets each time, perches four down on the East.

12.25 GA leaves and calls and quickly returns she displaces the male and lands in his position. He lands on the top camera.

14.10 Two juveniles takes a long flight round the spire and one lands on the golden finials where it picks at food from the cache. The other lands two crockets below the top and knocks GA of her crocket.

14.25 Juvenile from the top of the spire flies to the South East, a gull gets to close and he male flies out and escorts the juvenile back to the spire.

14.32 Male lands on the edge of the nest box.

14.45 Juvenile flies and lands on the right hand turret.

14.52 GA flies in with a pigeon and lands on the South West turret, clearly exhausted she is panting.

14.37 Male lands four crockets down from the top window.

14.59 Male mobs a gull. One juvenile is perched on a crocket below the nest box.

15.03 Male lands three crockets down from the top window.

15.15 Juvenile flies out to the South East then returns below the nest box.

15.20 GA takes the pigeon to the golden finials and plucks.

15.40 Juvenile flies and lands two crockets below GA.

16.15 One juvenile flies out and is mobbed by a Tern! it returns safely to the bell tower.

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