Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 15/05/2018

9.30 Male two crockets down on the front of the spire, GA brooding the three chicks.

10.03 Male leaves the spire.

10.18 GA feeds chicks.

10.20 GA takes remains of the carcass to the turret on the bell tower on the West side.

10.23 GA leaves the bell tower and returns to the nest.

10.25 GA perches on the spire three crockets down above the top window.

10.45 GA flies North the male sits on the edge of the nest box.

12.05 The male flies South West.

12.18 Both birds return, male continues to fly West and GA sits on the edge of the nest box.

12.32 Male perches two crockets down on the South side.

12.39 Male and GA chases a buzzard towards the South, GA lands one crocket down on the spire and the male flew off East.

12.46 GA returns to the edge of the nest box.

13.02 Male returns two crockets down, GA squawks.

13.15 Male flew off North East, GA flew off East chicks are left unattended.

13.17 Male returns two crockets down on the South.

13.29 Male flies off.

13.31 Male back in the nest, GA two crockets down.

13.41 Male feeds the chicks and GA lands on the edge of the box.

13.47 Male flies off.

13.48 GA flies off.

13.51 Male returns and lands one crocket down from the top window.

13.54 GA and male hunting pigeons over the close, male lands three crockets down and GA flies off South West.

14.02 Male flies off.

14.07 Male returns two crockets down.

14.17 Male flew off West.

14.29 Male lands four crockets down from the top.

14.31 Male flew off North.

14.40 Male lands in nest box and sits on the edge.

14.49 Male flew off West, chicks are left unattended.

15.16 Male returns two crockets down.

15.23 Male flew off West.

15.38 GA flies onto lower turret as she flies out a gull tries to mob her, she then lands on the nest box and the male flies over.

15.43 Male lands on top of the spire on the golden bales, GA squawks.

15.44 Male flies off.

15.51 Male comes into nest carrying food, he drops the food, GA swoops down and catches the food and they both flew off.

15.53 GA returns to the nest with the prey and feeds the chicks.

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