Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 14/05/18

Thanks to Keith G for the extended activity log.

8.30 GA returns from the South and chases off a passing Buzzard before landing two crockets down.

8.50 GA drops onto a black headed gull and then flies around the spire before landing three crockets down.

9.00 GA returns to the platform and feeds chicks male circles for a while before landing three crockets down.

10.10 male gives a nice aerial display before returning two crockets down.

10.36 Male stoops of the spire onto a pigeon misses, circles the spire a few times and then lands in the same position.

10.45 GA feeds chicks.

10.51 GA flies off, male goes into nest to brood, GA circles the spire.

11.03 GA flies off.

11.53 Male flies off, chicks are left unattended.

11.55 Male lands on top camera above the nest.

12.12 Male flies of, stoops onto pigeon misses and lands in same position.

12.29 Male stoops of the back of the spire.

12.32 Male comes back with prey (pigeon) and lands on golden bales and plucks.

12.41 Male chases off a gull to the South and then lands back on the spire three crockets down.

12.52 Male flew off.

13.19 Male returns and lands on the edge of the box.

13.23 Male flew off.

13.31 Male returns and lands four crockets down on the front of the spire.

13.36 Male flies down to perch on the top camera.

13.42 Male flew off West.

14.10 GA returns to the nest to brood.

14.58 Male returns and lands on the back of the spire, circles the spire lands in the next box momentarily and then flies off.

16.00 As we pack up for the day GA is still brooding and the male is out of view.

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