Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 10/04/2018

The spire was engulfed in mist as we arrived and set up. Still three eggs in the nest.

9.20 GA was perched low on the spire on the left hand side on a crocket the same level as the nest platform. The male was inside the nest incubating.

10.22 GA takes over incubating duties the male flies off to the other side of the spire.

10.27 Male flies to right hand turret and then returns to the rear of the spire.

10.45 Male flies West.

12.01 Male flies in and lands on the nest tray for a moment and then flies off.

12.20 A repeat of the above the male flies in and then promptly departs from the ledge.

13.11 Male again flies onto the edge of the nest ledge, GA is very vocal but doesn’t move from her position incubating the eggs. Male returns to the back of the spire, then appears five crockets down on the left hand side.

13.35 Intruding Male peregrine is seen, both birds chase of the intruder. Male returns to the nest to incubate. GA lands two crockets down with some prey in her talons. GA is continuously vocalising as the intruding male continues to fly around the area.

13.45 GA flies off.

13.50 Male jumps onto the side of the ledge and then returns back to incubate.

14.10 Resident male chases male intruder South West leaving the eggs unattended.

14.20 Male returns to the nest to incubate.

14.50 GA returns carrying prey (pigeon) being mobbed by two Lesser Black Backed Gulls, she finally lands on the left hand turret.

15.02 GA flies South West with prey, one gull takes the opportunity to again chase her, she finally loses the gull and manages to gain height finally landing on top of the spire on the golden finials. GA is out of sight however a puff of feathers can be seen as she plucks her meal.

15.42 GA flies out carrying a piece of her meal and lands on the North side of the spire.

We finish the day with the same situation the male still incubating and GA still on the North side of the spire.


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