Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 04/05/2018

Two chicks have hatched!

9.15 GA brooding on nest, male chases off a gull that had ventured to close to the spire and lands on the North side two crockets down.

9.45 Male flies high over spire and returns to North side, a Buzzard is seen in the distance soaring North.

11.25 Male flies out over the close in fast flight flapping his wings possibly chasing off an intruder to the territory.

11.31 Male seen two crockets down on the East side of the spire.

11.38 Male out of sight from the watchpoint possibly hopped around the back of the spire.

11.45 Male bring in prey to the nest, GA takes it and feeds the chicks while the male watched from the edge of the nest platform, GA then leaves the nest with the prey and circles the close a Buzzard is seen to the South and the Male enters to nest to continue brooding.

11.57 GA lands on the golden bales and feeds giving us a great view from the watchpoint.

12.45 The male moves a little on the nest and reveals the two chicks and one remaining egg.

13.04 GA returns to a crocket three down from the top of the spire on the East.

13.08 GA enters the nest to take over incubation duties, the male flies off South East.

13.12 Male lands two crockets down on the right.

13.50 Male flies off, GA moves a little on the nest and we get a glimpse of the remaining egg.

14.15 GA flew up extremely high and the male dropped into the nest to take over brooding.

15.05 GA returned to the top of the spire with a kill and proceeded to pluck it on top of the spire.

15.24 GA takes food into the nest and feeds the chicks, the male flies off and lands around the back of the spire, then goes onto the golden bales and pulls out an old kill and feeds.

15.33 GA took off with the prey.

15.36 Male cleans his bill then returns to the nest to brood.

15.42 GA seen circling the close.

15.51 Change over! GA comes back into the nest to incubate the male flies off and lands on the front of the spire just below the top window.

Things remain the same at the end of the day.