Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 01/05/2017

Sunshine! Thanks to Julie Curl for todays activity log.

9.30 Buzzard circling over the spire, close to the gold decoration and then flies East.

9.40 Nest swap, GA enters the nest to incubate the three eggs, male leaves and lands two crockets down on the East side of the spire.

9.45 Male flies off.

10.45 Male seen to the West and attacks a gull, male drifts North with gull and a buzzard flies to the East being mobbed by gulls.

10.55 Another buzzard flies South East to North West.

11.40 Male returns two crockets down on the East. GA looks around from the box and suddenly flies South East, Male drops into the nest box and incubates.

12.30 GA returns from the South East and lands three crockets down on the South side, she then flies off South East and then drifts over the mantergate an flies off East.

12.45 Male flies off to the South East and GA returns to the box.

13.22 GA flew off.

13.25 Male returns to incubate.

13.50 GA returns and lands on the North East plucking window where she stays preening for a while.

14.15 GA flew off South East.

16.00 As we leave for the day its the same situation male is still incubating and GA has not returned.