Norwich Cathedral Peregrines- 28th and 29th/06/18

Thursday 28th of June

10.00 GA sitting on W side of the spire, 5 crockets down.

10.05 Male on W side of the spire next to middle windows.

10.30 Juvenile on bottom NE turret.

10.40 Male moves one crocket to the S into clear view.

11.15 Juvenile from the turret moves to right hand window.

11.20 Male mobs a gull.

11.25 Male lands two crockets down from top window.

11.39 1 juvenile flies SW.

11.48 Male flies to N side of the spire.

12.39 Male flies into the nest box, sparrowhawk flies SW.

13.46 Male flies off to the SE, juvenile on East crenulations. GA two crockets below middle window.

14.06 2 adults and 1 juvenile chased off a Buzzard flying NE-SW at least eight strikes.

14.09 GA returned to W side of the spire 3 crockets down from the top.

14.40 Male flew of SW with a juvenile following, calling.

14.47 GA flew off N.

15.03 Juvenile lands 3 crockets down from the top.

15.10 Buzzard chased S by GA.

15.20 Juvenile lands on 5th crocket below middle window.

Friday 29th of June.

9.30 Male on the edge of the nest box, GA 1 crocket under left hand window, all 3 juveniles on the N side of the spire.

10.14 Juvenile circled the spire and landed on the N side.

10.25 Juvenile flew and circled NW a different juvenile flew W.

10.29 Juvenile flying NW, male landed on N side.

10.36 GA and 3 juveniles circle the close.

10.47 Juvenile lands 2 down from top window.

10.57 GA and juvenile flew in from SW, juvenile lands on nest box.  1 juvenile lands 1 crocket down from the top window.

11.10 Male and juvenile flew over the watchpoint. Juvenile lands on golden finials.

11.11 Juvenile left the finials.

11.14 Male 2 crockets down on SW.

11.40 2 juveniles circled over the watchpoint following a gull.

11.45 Same 2 juveniles returned and flew low and landed on the N of the spire. The third juvenile is asleep in the nest box.

11.55 Male circles E.

12.00 1 juvenile 2 above the top window.

12.14 Buzzard high over the spire, flew SW and chased off by the male and GA.

12.20 GA caught a pigeon and landed on the golden finials and plucked. Male flying NW with a gull. Male landed 2 crockets down on NW.

12.25 Juvenile lands 2 crockets below next box.

12.31 Male came in fast and lands on N side of the spire.

12.38 Repeat of above.

13.15 GA flying with a juvenile flying around the close GA lands four above the nest the other juvenile lands on the nest with the other juvenile.

13.39 1 juvenile dives off the nest box and flies close to the spire to the N following an adult.

14.20 GA returns from the S with a pigeon and takes it to the golden finials and plucks.

14.40 GA takes food to nest box and hands it to the juvenile. She then flies off S.

15.00 Male lands on crocket next to nest with prey and is easting.

15.15 Male takes food, followed by all 3 chicks one takes food in a perfect food pass. All 3 juveniles fly for a while. The two juveniles without food play in flight.

16.00 Male perched on the top window. One juvenile on the edge for the nest box.