Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activiy Log- 24th of June 2017

9.50 Tiercel on crocket 1 down from top on right.


10.30 Tiercel moves to box picks up debris, moves to edge of box.


Tiercel leaves and juvenile flies in.


11.02  Adult brings food to juvenile, adult lands on crocket 1 down from top on right.


11.53  Adult flies in, lands 3 down from top window on right. Juvenile very vocal.


12.03 Juvenile hops down into box and peeks at debris.


12.15 Juvenile after a short sleep returns to edge of box.


12.23 Tiercel flies in touches corner of box and flies off.


12.25. GA on plucking window with prey then lands on crocket 2 down from top on right.


13.05 Tiercel returns 6th crocket rear


13.30 Juvenile flies off 


13.40 Juvenile on left larder then moves to right larder.


13.46  Tiercel flies off eastward


13.50 Juvenile hops to back


13.52 GA flies off


14.00 Juvenile returns to box


15.30 Juvenile flies east


15.38 Juvenile returns to box


Thanks to David Stansfield who was todays duty manager for todays update.


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