Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 8th of May 2017

9.20 GA enters the nest with prey, male flies out and lands one crocket left of top window.

10.30 Male chases off circling gulls then returns to the platform and takes the existing prey item and flies off. GA gets very vocal and he eventually brings the food back after a small feed.

10.35 GA feeds herself and the chick, male returns to the spire left of the top window.

10.37 Male stooped to the NW didn’t catch any prey, circled and landed on second crocket down from the top of the spire.

10. 45 We had an exact repeat of the above

10.58 Male flew off West

11.20 Male returns to the spire and lands three crockets down from the top.

12.10 Male hops across to the furthest left crocket.

12.28 Male stoops to the N.

12.35 Male returns and lands on the NE side of the spire with food, GA sees him pass and calls.

12.42 Male plucking prey just out of view only his tail and flying feathers are observed.

12.55 GA left the nest to receive a spectacular food pass mid-air from the male. She may have dropped it after this as she got very vocal and landed on the golden finials with empty talons. However, she found some cached food as she was then seen feeding. Meanwhile the male seized the opportunity to get in the nest and started to feed the chick.

12.59 GA went back into the nest without food and continued to feed the chick. The male flew off.

13.05 The male returned to the spire and landed three crockets down.

15.11 The male entered the nest, he takes the existing prey item and starts to feed. GA is very vocal he then feeds GA.

15.14 Male flies out with some food and lands two crockets above the top window. GA feeds the chick.

15.18 Male flies with the food to the back window.

15.23 Male flies back and lands three crockets down.

15.45 Male flew and landed two crockets down in the middle right.

15.54 Male flew off

16.01 GA hops on to the ledge of the nest box and calls for the male. She then goes back to brood the chick.



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  1. Hello,I would love to see what is going on with the Peregrine in Norwich. However, am unable to see the video. I am wondering if that is because I am in Canada?
    I have read some of the activity log though. Very interesting.

    • Hi Patricia, if you try to view it through internet explorer it should work. Alternatively you may need to update your adobe flash player and see if this helps.

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