Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 30/05/2018

9.15 GA takes prey into the nest and feeds the chicks the male is perched two crockets down from the lower window on the West side.

9.40 GA hops onto the edge of the nest and feeds herself.

10.00 GA hops on top of the side camera where she remains for the next 2 hours provided spectacular views for the visitors.

10.12 The male flies South. at speed presumably hunting or chasing something.

11.12 Male lands four crockets down from the top window in the West.

11.18 Male flies off.

11.50 Male brings in prey to the plucking window.

12.02 GA hopped onto a crocket next to the other window.

12.17 Male takes prey to fifth crocket from the top window and feeds.

12.21 Male takes prey to the nest and feeds chicks.

12.30 Both adults on the spire the male four crockets down on the East, GA one above the nest window where she remains for the next 2.5 hours.

13.28 Male chases a gull and then returns to the spire.

14.15 Sparrowhawk seen to the East of the spire.

14.43 GA flew East.

14.44 GA lands two crockets down on the left and is very vocal.

14.56 GA flew off at speed North.

15.01 Male lands six crockets down on the East side.

15.10 Male flew off than then lands in the same position.

15.19 Both adults circle the close, male lands two crockets above the nest box.

15.26 Male flew off at speed.

16.00 As we close up for the day we see the male fly in and land on the plucking window.



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