Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 29/05/2018

9.15 Male second crocket down from the top in the centre of the spire, GA is perched ontop of the side camera.

9.38 Both birds flying above the close.

9.39 GA lands one crocket down above the nest, male lands above the top window and then flies off.

9.49 Male flyby.

10.15 GA flew off, circles lands on the nest box and then moves on top of the side camera.

10.29 Male returns with prey and lands on the plucking window on the East side of the spire.

10.43 Food pass! male passed a prepared meal to GA in mid-air to the West of the spire. They then cruise around the close for a while.

10.46 GA brings food into nest and feeds the chicks the male lands two crockets down from the top.

10.57 GA flew off and lands three crockets below the top window.

11.10 Male catches prey, GA squawks, male lands on plucking window and plucks.

11.16 Male lands two crockets from the top.

11.43 GA lands on the arch above the nest male circles the close and then returns to his former position.

11.52 Both birds fly off.

11.56 GA lands one crocket above the nest, the male glides around the close.

12.05 Male two crockets down, GA flies off.

12.24 Male lands on the edge of the nest box momentarily he then moves to one crocket down from the top.

12.30 Male chases a gull.

12.42 Male lands two crockets down from the top.

12.44 Both adults mob a Buzzard over the close.

12.49 Male returns to same position.

13.05 Both adults are seen cruising over the close.

13.18 Male returns to two crockets down.

13.40 Male flew off and soaring around the sky.

13.51 Male lands on plucking window and plucks some prey from an earlier kill, GA lands two crockets above the top window.

14.03 Male takes prey into nest and feeds.

14.11 Male circles the spire and lands on the arch of the window next to the nest ledge.

14.17 Both birds fly and male lands two crockets down from the top.

14.36 Kestrel seen flying over the close, GA is very vocal and escorts it away.

14.55 Male flew off.

15.10 GA lands in the plucking window and circles the close.

15.37 Male lands two crockets down.

16.00 We end the day with GA out of view and male two crockets down and the chicks sleeping in the nest.






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