Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 20th of June 2017

9.30 Juvenile in the air calling, male flew in with a live pigeon. Male dropped the prey then caught it, then did a food pass with the juvenile, who then dropped it over the chancel.

9.45 Male sat four crockets down on the right. GA sat eleven crockets down on the left.

10.00 Juvenile flew in and landed behind the right hand turret, had another flight and then landed on the turret behind on the fleur de lys.

10.90 Male flew off.

10.33 Male flew in chasing a gull.

10.58 Male lands three crockets down on the right, juvenile lands two crockets below the male and squawks whilst looking up at him.

11.05 Juvenile flies around the spire and lands on the nest ledge, jumps in and starts feeding on an old carcass.

11.18 Male flew off.

11.23 Male lands seven crockets above the nest, Juvenile on the ledge squawking.

11.28 Male moved three crockets down from the top.

11.52 Juvenile asleep on the nest ledge. GA and male in the same position.

12.00 Male lands on top of the spire on the golden finials and clucks. GA flew off South East, male then flew off East.

12.17 GA returns two crockets down on the left.

12.37 GA flew off.

12.46 GA flew South, Juvenile hops into nest box and starts feeding.

13.05 Juvenile flew South

13.08 Juvenile returned and GA flew around the close.

13.15 GA lands two crockets down on the left.

13.20 Juvenile takes off and flies around the close with the male overhead.  Juvenile lands on a crocket to the left of the top window.

13.50 Male flew from North to South, the Juvenile called.

14.00 GA left the spire and flew East.

14.10 All away from spire.

14.20 GA on golden finials eating.

14.25 Male and Juvenile flew off East, Juvenile calling.

14.30 Male returns two crockets down from the top, Juvenile returns to the nest box and starts eating.

14.45 Male flies to the right five crockets down.

14.50 Juvenile leaves the box and lands on the larder at the right.

14.55 GA flies with food to the nest box, then takes off. All three are airborne. Attempted food pass from GA to juvenile. A lot of squawking.
15.00 GA lands on crocket two down, Male in the nest box eating.

15.30 Male left nest box with food, flew around the spire and landed two crockets below the nest box sign of the juvenile since 14.30

16.00 Juvenile seen on the chancel feeding, The male joined the Juvenile.

Thanks to Adam Lee Wicks for afternoon observations of the Juvenile.

Photo courtesy of Chris Skipper who caught this mornings action on camera. The photo shows the male at the top with prey and the Juvenile below flying up for a food pass.




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  1. Thanks Team, for all your Commitment, Hard Work, & Patience,great to see that at least one Chick from Four Eggs is Thriving.

  2. Thank you. Fascinating to be reading how the juvenile is daily gaining confidence airborne and adults attempting food passes to juv.

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