Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 19th of May 2017

Weather conditions; cold and wet morning with dry spells in the afternoon.

9.45 Male flies around spire and lands on stills camera above the nest box

10.00 Male swoops South East hovers around spire and lands under top window in full view

10.05 GA leaves the platform, circles the male, flew off and returned. Both circled before she landed on the platform, The male landed on the back of the spire out of sight.

11.32 Male returns and lands three crockets down on the right, GA was calling from the edge of the nest ledge with her neck turned upwards looking at the male

11.40 Male swoops North and then returns to the back of the spire

11.59 Male flew off West

12.04 Male lands two crockets down on the right and starts cleaning his feet. GA calls from below.

12.07 Male flew South West and returned with prey (pigeon) he was then mobbed by a gull trying to pirate the kill. GA left the platform to mob the gull and received a food pass from the male. GA flew several laps around the spire with the kill in her talons. Finally she landed on the top on the spire on the golden finials and proceeded to pluck the prey. The male landed on top of the camera above the nest.

12.21 GA took food into the nest and started to feed the chick. The male moved down the spire below the nest on the right hand side.

12.35 Male flies and lands in the nest and takes the food out with him. He lands on the plucking window at the back of the spire

13.00 Male returns and lands one crocket down from the top window on the right

14.50 GA leaves the nest and lands above the male

14.55 GA flew East

15.00 Male flew East

15.04 GA returns with a kill and lands on the top of the spire and plucks the prey. Male returns and sits on top of the camera.

15.44 GA enters the nest with prey and feeds the chick. The male flew up to the top of the spire.

15.55 GA flew off East with prey, the male flies off East behind her.


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  1. I live in Cornwall & discovered your website when I wanted to see what the weather was like in Norwich where my brother lives!!
    Last year I followed your Peregrines from the beginning, with all the drama & very sad outcome. I was transfixed, logging in many times a day ( I am retired) just sitting watching these wonderful birds.
    This year I have missed any dramatic scenes, but am still riveted by all that goes on & am silently encouraging the parents & chick for a happy outcome.
    Many thanks to all involved with this webcam etc. It is just so fascinating to see it live.

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