Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 19th of June 2017

A very hot day with temperatures up to 31˚C there was very low activity in the morning.

10.00 Juvenile on the right hand turret in the shade, only visible from the cloisters.

12.15 Male enters nest box.

12.30 Male in nest box sunbathing.

13.38 Male jumps down to one crocket below the nest box.

13.42 Male flies East.

14. 25 GA on crocket right of top window, male flying over Bishops garden.

14.40 Male over the close with prey, GA flew over to him and was very vocal. It looked like the male landed somewhere on the back of the spire.

14.43 Juvenile on the nest ledge, GA four crockets below the nest.

15.00 Male brings in some food to the nest, Juvenile takes it and feeds.

15.15 Male lands one crocket down to the right of the top window.

15.28 GA flies around the close with a whole pigeon, circling the spire and passing close to the nest possibly to try and lure the Juvenile into the air to receive a food pass. The Juvenile stays on the nest ledge and squawks.

15.37 GA brings the whole pigeon and leaves it in the nest, the Juvenile hops on the nest ledge. GA lands four crockets down from the nest ledge. The day ends with the whole family on the spire in view.


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