Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 18/04/2018

Sunshine and blue skies! its the hottest day at the watchpoint so far this season.

Thanks to our brilliant volunteer and photographer Lynn Rudd for our extended activity log.

7.45 Male flies East towards Mousehold.

8.10 Male returns without prey and briefly settles high on the spire two crockets down on the North East side of the spire. GA flies out to meet him being very vocal possibly demanding food.

8.15 Male flies off West over the city, GA returns to the nest box and incubates.

8.25 Male returns to spire and lands on the North East without prey.

10.25 No change

10.52 Male enters nest, GA doesn’t move finally the male flies off and returns to the North side of the spire. Eventually he flies off at some point.

11.35 GA flies out of the nest being very vocal and perches two crockets down from the top of the spire finally on view from the watchpoint.

11.39 GA returns to the nest to incubate.

12.29 Male is seen perched two crockets down on the East side of the spire.

`12.32 Male hops one crocket across out of view from the watchpoint.

13.12 Change over! Male takes over incubation and GA flies off South West.

14.27 Three buzzards are seen riding thermals high above the spire.

15.12 GA returns to the spire with a fresh kill (pigeon) and lands on the golden finials she then plucks and feeds until we pack up for the day at 16.00



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