Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 11/04/18

We arrived again to thick fog hiding the spire from view. There was a family day at the cathedral so we had a stand inside and the watchpoint was open as usual. Still three eggs in nest.

10am Male incubating in nest platform.

10.53 GA flues into nest box and sits on the edge, male leaves eggs and flies to North West larder. GA moves onto the eggs to incubate.

11.04 Male takes food to six crockets down on the East of the spire and eats.

11.40 Male hops onto a crocket on the North side.

12.30 Male moves to the crocket on the West.

12.40 Male flies east then to the nest box, hops onto box bows to GA the male then leaves the box and flies to the North side.

12.50 Male moves to the West of spire, on a crocket level with the window. Male very alert, has not yet hunt possibly due to the heavy fog.

1.05 Male flies East then lands three crockets up from the middle window on South side of the spire.

1.30 Male chases off a Lesser Black Backed Gull and returns to the spire to the nest box, GA leaves she lands above middle window on the left. Male incubates the eggs.

The situation remains unchanged for the next two and a half hours until 4pm when we pack up the watchpoint and GA flies off.  Thanks to all of the watchpoint volunteers for todays blog.

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  1. It must be a difficult day for you yesterday and today because of the heavy thick fog its been damp wet, gloomy and grey. The Peregrines must of struggled with catching their prey.

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