Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 09/04/2018

Still 3 eggs in the nest,

9.30 Light rain as we assemble the watchpoint. GA perched two crockets down on the left of the spire, male in the nest tray incubating.

9.45 GA flew then landed one crocket down on the left of the spire with prey in her talons, possibly something she selected from the cache.

10.50 GA flies off, circles then lands on the crocket to the West of the nest platform.

11.00 GA stoops onto a pigeon but misses, flies around and returns to the top of the spire.

12.00 No change male still incubating, GA still perched on the top of the spire.

12.20 GA flies South East.

12.25 GA returns to the second crocket on the left side of the spire.

12.35 Change over, GA enters the nest to incubate the male flies and lands on the second crocket down on the left.

12.45 Male flew around the spire and landed on the North side of the spire out of view from the watchpoint.

12.50 Male flew around again and landed near the top of the spire.

13.00 The rain stops and the males flies off.

13.05 The male returns.

13.20 Male flies and returns the spire perching on the left side.

13.45 Male flies off.

14.03 Male returns and flies around.

14.09 Male returns with prey a pigeon in his talons.

14.30 Food pass!! GA catches the pigeon in her talons and takes a few laps of the spire before landing on the golden finials ontop of the spire to feed.

15.05 The male returns to the nest to incubate the eggs.

15.20 GA flies down and lands on the second crocket down from the top of the spire on a crocket.