Norwich Activity Thursday 21st June

9:30 In terms of birds the day gets off to a great start, the entire family are on show for my final day; in terms of dressing for the weather big mistakes have been made, a presumption that shorts were suitable for the solstice leaves me shivering in the back corner of the tent.

9:45 Life gets even better for us spectators as the pair put on a show of aerial dominance by intercepting a passing buzzard. Having finished the fracas as victors the Male departs further whilst within ten minutes of take off GA is back perching beside the highest window.

10:00 Whilst two of the siblings stick close together on the south eastern turret, the solo juvenile of the south west turret makes repeated flights, which in todays strong winds is no mean feat at all.

10:40 The day gets its second display of aerial dominance, this time its GA on a solo mission against one of the countless lesser black backed gulls, but of course she comes out on top effortlessly and soon returns to her perch.

11:00 The male who has been the least obliging of the family so far for my send off redeems himself by returning to the vicinity before perching at his most reliable seat.

11:10 Everything I said about redemption can be scrapped, as we gather round James’ brownies to complement the mid morning drinks the awkward so and so leaves in typically silent fashion.

11:55 For the second time this morning a gull falls foul of the wrath of GA, this of course brings such an audible disturbance to the city that the tiercel who probably thought the apocalypse was near is forced into returning. When he realises the minute magnitude of events in comparison to the racket he simply takes up his perch again.

12:00 Initially the two juveniles who seem joined at the peregrines equivalent of a waist both take flight before their more active sibling belatedly joins in with the fun of trying to maintain a stable flight in the gusty conditions. The play goes on for just shy of ten minutes before the first to tire lands at the Norwich dinner table, the golden finials, to find mum hasn’t prepared dinner just yet.

12:11 Like ships in the night the Male passes two of his returning juveniles as he heads out himself; the young land one on the platform whilst the other takes up refuge lower down on the south east turret once more.

12:18 A shuffle round of the family over the preceding few minutes sees GA now perching three crockets down from the top whilst one of her offspring has returned to the platform and the inseparable pair are once more on their turret.

Unfortunately the afternoon got busier and busier in terms of human activity from here on in whilst the peregrine activity got quieter and quieter until typically just before four. 

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading these logs and for your kind words.