Norwich Activity Log 14th June

10:00 Male on nest platform, GA on crocket to east of platform.

10:20 Both adults fly purposefully east.

10:24 Both adults return Male into nest platform GA on crocket again. 

10:25 Two of the Juveniles fly around the spire before one of them knocks GA from her crocket, the other more sensibly considering who provides their food chooses to land on the south east turret.

10:30 Male flies south with juv in tow.

10:38 Male returns to spire second crocket down on right.

11:20 Male flies west.

11:29 A juvenile flies before returning to the top of the spire.

11:30 Male enters platform and starts scraping about.

11:31 A juv flies south east and back to spire.

11:35 Juvenile flies to nest box, Male departs.

11:54 Juvenile leaves platform to the east.

12:05 Male perched 2 crockets down.

12:10 Juv on edge of platform.

12:20 Male departs in a flash in seeming pursuit of a pigeon.

12:30 Male returns to 2 down.

12:32 A juvenile appears on the left of nest platform window.

12:35 GA takes prey to right hand turret where another juvenile is waiting. 

12:36 GA flies to the south east.

13:20 GA 2 down right side.

13:53 Male goes to platform.

14:39 Male flies east.

14:47 Male leaves at great pace but soon returns to perch on the stills camera.