New Cameras Launched for Norwich Peregrines


Calling all #nrperegrines followers @nrw-cathedral.

You will be pleased to know that the new cameras have been installed and we are now in the final testing phase.

Youtube clips coming soon – in glorious HD – followed by live streaming to the HOT web site.

Here is one of the first images. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your patience and support.

4 Responses to New Cameras Launched for Norwich Peregrines

  1. Wow , what a great picture,I been trying everyday to see the new cam to no avail,not today though wow the picture quality is superb,and he was there watching me watching him. Job well done ,thank you.
    Question: will there be any sound as I didn’t or couldn’t here any this morning ,.?
    Thanks again
    Angie x

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