Monday 15th of May 2017

Weather conditions overcast with drizzle for most of the day.

8.45 Food pass at nesting platform from male to GA. Male flew off and perched second crocket down.

11.00 No change

11.39 GA leaves the nest with food. Male enters nest and broods the chick. GA flies about with the food and finally lands on the golden finials out of sight.

11.43 GA returns to the nest and feeds chick. Male flew off East.

11.45 Male returns to the spire and lands two crockets down on North side out of sight

12.33 Male comes into the nest and starts feeding GA.

12.42 Male leaves the nest with prey and lands on the back window.

14.03 Male flies around the spire and then lands behind the spire.

15.37 Male returns and lands behind spire. GA calls.

15.38 Male brings in food, GA takes it and feeds the chick. Male flies off.

15.41 Male lands on nest, flies off and lands on a crocket.

15.43 Male takes off and mobs a gull then lands on the North side of the spire out of sight.

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