Lunchtime Feed for Bath Peregrine Chicks

On the stroke of 1.00pm tiercel AA delivers lunch for the brood. He seems put out that the falcon does not yet appear to trust him to feed their offspring and leaves.

The falcon then spends the best part of nine minutes feeding her brood and tucking in herself.

If AA had expected her to cache the left overs for him to finish off he was to be sadly disappointed. The falcon then settles down for a post lunch nap with just the merest hint of a look over her shoulder, presumably to check her general airspace was clear.

Sadly the fourth egg hasn’t hatched but the 3 youngsters are all looking great.

3 Responses to Lunchtime Feed for Bath Peregrine Chicks

  1. I can only see two chics in the bath scrape.
    ive been off line for a few days has something happened to one of the chics

    • Jane

      Now that the chicks have developed their thicker layer of down the falcon doesn’t need to brood them quite as much. Recently we have seen the falcon overnighting on the ‘patio’ perch, but when the wind has been particularly strong she has placed herself in front of the chicks to act as a barrier. During the day there is at least one adult bird guarding the nest, and it is not uncommon to see one sitting on the church above the box, and the other below.

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