Has Spring arrived early at Bath?

It certainly appears so as the Bath peregrines are already sizing one another up for spring 2016.  

“Over the past couple of weeks at St John’s we’ve witnessed the breeding pair settling in close proximity to one another, calling and posturing. Normally at this time of year they are sitting on separate sides of the church completely ignoring each other. Last week the tiercel was in the box calling loudly. Within minutes the falcon had joined him followed by much bowing, scraping and pointing of beaks, after a while the tiercel left. For the best part of fifty minutes the falcon patrolled the box and made the occasional ‘test’ scrape. She then left, returned within 20 minutes with a fresh pigeon and spent about an hour preparing and eating it before heading off to settle elsewhere on the church.

The Resident Bath Falcon
The Resident Bath Falcon

Loosely quoting our Conservation Officer, Colin Morris, “we’ll hopefully get a cold snap soon and everything will return to normal for the time of year.” Why hopefully? Because we have a new camera with audio to install at St Johns in advance of the 2016 season. However, the current camera is working pretty well so please keep tuning in on line to the Bath Urban Peregrine Project webcam and don’t be disillusioned if the peregrines aren’t there, they will show up every day.

For those of you who normally visit St John’s during the breeding season I recommend you take a wander down there over the festive season. If the weather stays mild you are likely to get some pretty good views of the peregrines in flight, rather than just sitting on the church with full crops. Mind you, there is always a fair bit of that as well, so good luck with your timing!”

Hamish Smith

To watch the latest YouTube video with an update of what has been going on over the last month, then please CLICK HERE


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