Definitely a Good Friday as Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Lay Fourth Egg of 2013

Four eggs revealed!
Four eggs revealed!

The peregrine falcons using the Norwich Cathedral nesting platform, installed by wild bird of prey conservation charity the Hawk and Owl Trust, have laid their fourth egg on 29 March, Good Friday morning, around 6.35am. The third egg appeared at about 17.00 on afternoon of Tuesday 26th March. Their first egg of 2013 arrived at about 4.30pm on Thursday 21st March 2013, the 2nd about 04.55 on Sunday 24th March. Last year they laid four eggs and everybody is wondering if there are more to come this year.

Hawk and Owl Trust Conservation Officer Nigel Middleton says|

’People are concerned that the weather will affect the eggs. Traditionally peregrines are sea cliff nesting birds and are used to harsh weather. We have positioned the nesting platform so that the Spire deflects most of the North/North-easterly winds. Both parents are taking it in turns to incubate the eggs allowing regular breaks from the weather but ensuring the eggs are always kept warm.’

Video clip of the moment the fourth egg was revealed|

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