Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point on the 30th April 2017

9:30 The devoted photography team of Chris and Alan who arrived hours earlier report that the morning has been very uneventful and that the Male had recently departed the spire, as we chat though we of course distract them from getting the perfect shot of the Tiercel coming back in carrying food whilst actually being escorted by a Lesser Black Backed Gull; taking no notice of the Gull he takes this food to the South Western face of the spire providing a partial view but doesn’t seem to consume much, probably saving it for later in the day.

9:50 The Male takes a brief excursion to the West before returning to the same face at the second crocket down.

10:20 Male flies round to the West whilst gaining altitude before stooping at speed to the East.

10:30 Male returns to the same perch once again, from here he appears very alert.

10:40 Female intruder flies high over the spire to the East, she drifts Westerly in full view of our Male although he remains unmoved; of its own accord the intruder drifts out of view to the South.

11:00 Male enters the nest platform but GA fails to acknowledge his presence by moving, instead remaining fixed to the eggs. The Male has his visit cut short by the presence of a Female intruder again this time requiring his attention to usher away.

11:20 A noticeably small Male comes into the vicinity of the spire followed by our Male who actually lands on the spire and simply observes the intruder…. This small size and lack of notable intervention poses the question of whether it’s a juvenile born of the Norwich Male from a previous year, although obviously not one of last years brood.

11:30 A Male and Female intruder are visible at the same time around the spire, once again our Male is slow to react but fulfils his duty and chases the birds from the area to the South.

11:35 The Male comes into the box, again the female doesn’t pay this action any attention and he leaves in favour of the finials atop the spire.

11:45 Female intruding Peregrine comes close to the spire, the Male departs his crocket and gives chase.

12:15 Our Male returns, and a Male intruder soon reappears in the Cathedral air space, taking next to no notice of this the resident Male heads to the East window to eat remains of some prey caught earlier.

12:25 Male goes to the box with food, this does provoke GA to finally stir from her stint on the eggs and give the Male his chance… She takes her lunch delivery to the golden finials where she proceeds to devour it.

12:30 GA takes to the sky in an eastward direction carrying the dwindling remains with her.

12:45 GA returns to perch on the second crocket down on the South West face after a brief visit to check the nest box.

1:15 GA stretches before flying to the South, with a brief pause to mob a Lesser Black Backed Gull.

1:26 GA returns to the spire and settles on the third crocket down on the South West face. A Female intruder soon comes in from the South and actually briefly lands on a South face crocket very close to GA before realising her mistake within seconds, she takes flight again and as she does this a Male intruder appears, GA first drives the Female away before turning her attention to the Male who receives the same treatment, GA makes a return to the spire but the intruding Male also soon comes back to the area but eventually makes his own way South.

1:35 GA returns, nearly lands then stoops to the South West.

1:45 GA returns to the fifth crocket down.

1:47 A Male intruder comes in this time from East to West close to the spire, GA doesn’t react this time though, a Female then mirrors this but slightly further away and GA again takes no notice.

2:05 Intruding Male comes from the North West and exits view to the South over the Lower Close.

2:10 Intruding Male returns this time provoking a vigorous reaction from GA, this consists of repeated stooping whilst being very vocal and engaging in an aerial duel, no contact appears to be made though. The Male calls from the nest before departing to offer assistance.

2.13 GA returns to the nest platform and resumes incubation of the eggs, the Male is still to the South dealing with his adversary.

2:26 The resident Male returns to perch two crockets down on the South West face.

2:30 Male drops out of sight behind the Cathedral from where he returns with some small unidentifiable prey which he takes with him to his previous perch.

2:36 Male takes small scrap of food to GA on nest, this time provoking no interest so he leaves in favour of the finials.

3:20 The Male heads to the fifth crocket down on the South West face of the spire.

3:30 A female Sparrowhawk is visible flying to the East of the spire.

3:35 The presence of two Lesser Black Backed Gulls is enough to provoke the Male into leaving the spire to attack them, after finishing this activity he returns to his crocket where he stays until the end of the day.