Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point on the 29th April 2017

9:15 The day begins with an again restless GA incubating the eggs whilst the Male perches on the fourth crocket down on the East face of the spire.

10:24 Male moves one crocket round the spire to the South East face to provide a more complete view. From this new vantage point he is increasingly vocal and seemingly observant of the platform directly below him.

10:35 The Male drops down from his perch and goes directly into the platform, upon his arrival he assumes a submissive posture in front of GA who remains unmoved from her incubation duty, she offers no view of the eggs to the Tiercel despite him retaining his posture for only ever so slightly shy of five minutes before he eventually departs.

11:16 An adult peregrine flew high over the Cathedral Close heading West, impossible to say whether this was our Male or not due to the excessive altitude.

11:30 With GA still firmly glued to the eggs two adult Peregrines can be seen circling very high to the North West of the Cathedral, this therefore guarantees a minimum of one intruder.

12:25 A Female intruding Peregrine seemingly equal in size to the hulking figure of GA arrives only to be first mobbed by gulls before being pursued by GA herself who leaves the nest for this worthy cause.

12:28 GA makes a swift return to the platform after displacing the intruder.

12:37 Intruding adult Male flies West through the close followed by the resident Male who having seen of the intruder goes to the nest platform; this time shorter in length, a repeat of this mornings incident happens when GA refuses to be moved before the Tiercel loses patience with his fruitless activities.

12:52 A Male Peregrine can be seen soaring to the South of the Cathedral whilst both of our pair remain seemingly unbothered.

13:20 Once again the Male goes to the nesting platform where GA now for a third witnessed time refuses to leave her eggs.

14:15 The Male brings food in for the Female, finally triggering a changeover, the Female gratefully accepts the food and carries it off to an out of sight location. Having pleased GA the Male can finally have his turn incubating three eggs hopefully for one of the last times this year.

16:00 GA is still out of sight and therefore there is no more activity to report for the day.

6 Responses to Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point on the 29th April 2017

  1. What looks like the Norwich male was perched on Salle Church (near Reepham) for about 15 minutes just before 1600 – it then flew strongly towards Norwich – if there was a changeover on nest after 1610 (which I think there may have been) it means it took just 15 mins to travel 16 miles. Photos of the bird are on my twitter feed – Sacha Barbato

    • It is indeed the same Male as 2016 and all previous years; due to not being rung he is only ever referred to as the Male or the Tiercel (a generic name for any Male Peregrine due to being approximately one third smaller in size and the french phrase ‘un tierce’ translating to ‘a third’). The Female is only sometimes called GA due to these being the initials on her identification rings.

  2. Is GA the same formidable female who chased away last year’s female? Sorry, I can’t find reference on the news feed.

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