Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point on the 28th April 2017

08:10 When calling in at the reserve at Sculthorpe to collect supplies for the day I am greeted by a team who rose hours earlier and have been (quite rightly) fixated by the webcam, they gleefully report that GA has been extremely fidgety all morning and feel hatching may be imminent.

9:20 The first activity of the day actually observed in person from the watch point is the reportedly unsettled Female departing the nest and subsequently circling the spire.

9:23 The Male appears for the first time today and is carrying food with which he proceeds to deliver to GA via means of a stunning aerial food pass… Having completed this display he circles the spire for a moment before proceeding to land in the nesting platform and assume incubation duty.

9:25 The Female lands atop the Eastern facing golden finial where she consumes some of the recently delivered prey.

10:23 The Female leaves her breakfast in favour of dashing off in pursuit of a crow, having driven the corvid from the region of the spire she lands on the third crocket down on the middle right of the South face of the spire providing an ideal view from the lower close green.

12:20 GA flies to the nest box and triggers a changeover of incubators, the Male leaves the box in favour of the very top crocket on the Southern face.

12:40 Intruding bird flies through the territory above the height of the spire, neither resident bird takes offence to this though and the intruder maintains their path through without stopping.

12:50 The Male does now vacate his vantage point and heads off to the South East.

13:20 The Male briefly lands on the third crocket short of the summit before another intruding Peregrine sees the Female leave the nest platform to give chase and the Male drop down into the nest box to take over the incubation.

14:28 The Female eventually returns to three crockets down on the South of the spire.

16:00 The afternoon comes to an end with nothing of note happening in the last hour and a half, although this is by no means a bad thing as it means GA has obligingly provided the ideal view from the watch point.

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