Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point for the 18th May 2017

9:50 I could have been forgiven for thinking nothing had changed from when packing up last night, however the situation is actually a role reversal, it’s the female who is incognito with whereabouts unknown and the male who is sat on the platform lip providing a fabulous view not only from the watch point but also via the webcam.

9:55 The days first possible sighting of GA is of a Peregrine flying at high altitude to the west.

10:02 The suspected GA comes back in to view at high attitude where she mobs an equally high Buzzard riding the thermals; as this circular semi-chase continues it almost seems that the Buzzard becomes the pursuer rather than the pursued as they chase each others tails before losing interest.

10:11 Having deemed her efforts successful as the Buzzard fades out of view beyond the spire to the north GA arrives at the spire where she perches at the third crocket down of the spires eastern face.

10:20 After a ten minute relax in the sunshine basking the cathedral close and spire GA enters the platform to offer the male some relief from chick minding duties. The male takes flight from the platform to the west.

10:42 The male soon returns to the spire, now accompanied by prey of the feral pigeon variety clenched within his talons; he takes said prey to the finials where he sends a confetti of feathers floating on the gentle breeze to the west.

10:57 The male moves from his perch at the top of the spire still with a firm grip on his prey, he loses altitude and settles unfortunately on the rear of the spire.

10:59 Thankfully the male moves round the spire and provides a view, he perches just above the nest platform.

11:07 The male departs in the direction of the city centre to the west.

11:18 Leaving the chick unattended inside the platform the female also departs the cathedral.

11:30 The male makes a return to where we found him first thing this morning, facing the camera on the platform lip.

12:18 After a full hours excursion the female arrives back at the spire, she is without prey but chooses to land on the finials which form the summit of the spire.

12:23 Evicting the male for the second time today the female enters the platform, he departs the spire entirely.

12:27 Having been brooding the chick since her arrival the female now mimics the males activity of the day, she hops up onto the ledge above the chick.

12:50 Just like earlier when she took over from the male, eventually the female deems the chick to be self-reliant and departs herself to the east.

13:08 The male reappears and instead of coming into the platform chooses to land one crocket above and east of the top south face window.

13:09 Perhaps noticing the absence of his partner from the platform the male descends the spire and lands once again on the platform ledge.

13:16 The male now also becomes an absentee parent as he departs with the watch point volunteers still yet to witness a feeding of the chick today.

14:22 The second prey of the day is brought into the spire, again of the feral pigeon variety although this time by the larger figure of GA who dwarfs her prey in comparison to when the male brings equal quarry in. Much like the male though GA chooses to take her prey to be plucked at the finials.

14:25 The male also comes back to the spire where he settles at his usual haunt, the second crocket down of the south west face.

14:27 Finally we witness our first feed of the day, as GA having prepared her kill for eating does choose to bring the prey into the box and provide nourishment for her chick.

14:42 Having fed the chick GA again departs the platform with prey in tow, this time though the chick is not left unattended, possibly due to the reduced temperature as the sun goes into hiding. The male arrives and broods the chick.

14:45 After a short flight GA settles again on the finials, having done so she proceeds to clean her bloody feet.

15:24 The male decides a passing Lesser Black Backed Gull is deserving of mobbing and worthy of deserting his brooding role, having done this he proceeds to land atop the finials as GA has moments before moved down to the fourth crocket short of the summit on the south western face.

15:36 GA re-enters the platform and broods the chick, this is the final activity of the day to report.

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