Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point for the 17th May 2017

9:50 The day gets off to a good start, the male is visible perched at one of his usual haunts, the second crocket down of the south western face, GA is calling from within the platform.

9:51 Continuing her raucous calling the female takes flight from the platform and takes up residence one crocket below where the male has been sitting. Upon her arrival though the male almost immediately stirs, he flies south before entering a fully committed low stoop to the region of Prince of Wales road disappearing well below rooftop level though.

9:56 The female flies east a short distance before returning to the spire where she lands out of sight on the north east face.

10:06 We soon discover that the males stoop wasn’t in vain, he returns carrying a Collared Dove with which he performs a food pass with the female who had left the spire upon spying his return. The female takes her delivery to the platform where she lands on the ledge and prepares the food before showing us our first feed of the day.

10:10 Clearly in the mindset of an apex predator the Male leaves the spire and makes a second stoop this time over the Upper King Street region, the actual contact unfortunately occurred below the skyline again, but the male makes an immediate return to the north east of the spire with his second kill in five minutes.

10:14 After feeding the chick GA takes flight with the initial prey remains and takes it with her to the finials where she enjoys her own share.

10:25 Bringing with him his second witnessed kill of the day, what looks like some sort of small gull, the male enters the platform having prepared it at his perch and then gives the recently fed chick another feed from it.

10:30 In a role reversal of this mornings events, the male heads to where the female is sat atop the finials carrying his prey, upon his arrival this time the female immediately departs and heads for the platform where she broods the chick.

11:03 With GA located within the nest platform the male dives from his perch atop the spire to attack a magpie spotted searching the north east larder for previous remains, firm discouragement occurs but with no resultant fatalities.

11:12 The male makes a short visit to the box with his prey, GA calls and accepts before herself sitting on the ledge and consuming a portion. Having seen to her own needs she then feeds the chick.

12:20 A low flying Buzzard passes through the close, this is pursued persistently primarily by the male but after a while GA leaves the platform to assist him in his efforts.

13:30 A suspected and highly probable intruding Peregrine arrives at the spire from the north before continuing on its southerly course unaccompanied.

13:45 Immediately after leaving the platform the female enters a stoop to the north over the Bishops garden, this is the third successful hunt of the day as in the same continued motion she regains the dropped height and lands at the third crocket up from the platform holding some small prey (suspected Starling).

13:50 The male flies around the spire before landing at the fourth crocket down of the east side, the female re-enters the platform and feeds the chick again.

14:07 Female removes remains of the last feed from the platform, before she returned the male entered the box and fed the chick from a previous carcass.

14:15 The male leaves the box in order to circle the close before returning to the platform and giving the chick yet another small feed.

14:19 With the female still inside the box the male having fed the chick departs in favour of a perch level with the top window.

14:57 An intruding Peregrine flies above the spire and continues to travel south at high altitude; neither of our resident birds show the slightest bit of notice.

16:00 The day draws to an end with the male still perched on the spire and the female located on the edge of the platform surveying her surroundings with the chick below her.

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