Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point for the 16th May 2017

9:48 The days opening sighting is of the enormous figure of GA taking flight from the rear of the spire and gliding into the southerly wind straight over the watch point before disappearing out of view on the same trajectory.

10:14 The Female returns and again settles on the northern face of the spire, a volunteer excursion with scope in tow finds her to be sat on the second crocket down from the summit.

10:20 After a short rest and almost immediately after setting a scope up on the far side the Female spites us and takes flight to the East.

10:55 As is to be expected with the days prevailing wind direction and our birds fondness of shelter, when the Female arrives back at the spire she settles on the Northern face.

11:03 Leaving the chick unattended inside the platform the Male departs eastward.

11:10 With the Female who is still perched on the Northern face having deemed the chick safe alone inside the platform, the Male makes a return empty handed and resumes his half brooding/half sheltering activity.

11:40 GA floats on the wind around the spire in her typically vocal manner, the Male takes this as his cue to end his chick minding shift and leaves once again to the east.

11:42 Coming to the conclusion of her simply playful flight the Female enters the platform and broods the chick.

11:44 In stark contrast to her behaviour a week or two previously the Female is no longer possessively glued to the chick, a short matter of two minutes after arriving she leaves the chick unattended once more as she takes flight.

11:50 Having not witnessed any feeding of the chick since switching the tablet on for the day it is somewhat of a surprise that when the Male comes in to the platform after his excursion he is still not carrying any prey.

12:05 With the weathervane having swung round the Female now chooses to land at the third crocket down, eastern face.

12:27 Remaining in the same location she continues to preen herself, this is no mean feat as despite the glorious sunshine basking the spire and providing much more comfortable temperatures to staff a watch point, we are being subject to irregular but very strong gusts causing her feathers to ruffle every which way.

13:10 GA instigates a changeover by entering the platform, our Male leaves and takes to the sky heading east, almost immediately another Peregrine of unknown gender is seen in his presence; a short non-violent exchange commences and the intruder leaves the vicinity of the close whilst the Male continues on his route to the east.

13:22 The Male this time does return with food, quite possibly a collared dove which he takes to the north east of the spire to prepare for feeding. GA hops onto the platform ledge and sounds dismayed that the Male chose not to bring the food immediately to the platform.

13:45 Finally answering the calls of his mate the Male brings the food into the platform, upon his arrival GA receives the delivery and feeds the chick. The Male briefly floats about before settling on the north face.

13:54 The Female leaves the platform carrying the food with her and sets off to the east.

13:57 Making a swift return the Female enters the nesting tray with the prey, she soon departs again to the east, this time having left the food behind.

13:58 The Male enters and broods the chick who has started to poddle around the platform in the usual near side corner.

14:18 The Female returns from her trip to settle this time on the second crocket down of the east face.

14:36 Having taken a very brief flight to the east GA this time landed 2 crockets further down from where she had been perched.

15:35 Having provided a view for much of the afternoon the Female decides to bring to an end her obliging spell, she takes flight due East.

15:44 Leaving the chick alone yet again the Male takes flight for the final time witnessed today.

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  1. It’s very unusual to see the parents still brooding their over 2 week old chick. Other nest falcon parents don’t.

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