Daily Activity Log from the Norwich watch point for the 13th May 2017

*Today we bring you an extended activity log courtesy of the early bird arrival of Chris Skipper who came and went long before any sane individual wishes to be awake, but thought better of it when the cloud cover which plagued our morning arrived. Thanks Chris!*

0500 GA on platform with no sign of male.

0555 male returns from South and lands on 2nd crocket down on North side.

0603 Male takes flight and heads off in a N/E direction.

0612 male returns from the South and lands 5 crockets down then departs to the West with GAs calling still ringing in his ears.

0632 male returns, drifts round the spire 3 times then folds his wings and heads off to the South at speed.

0635 male returns with a starling/blackbird, briefly lands on platform then goes up to 2nd crocket down and plucks prey.

0645 male drops the food off at platform and returns to his lofty perch.

0700 typically,just as I get back to my car GA takes flight and circles the spire with male. Chris heads off to the West to stoop on a bacon roll


09:23 With an unwanted southerly wind for a second day the first Peregrine sighting comes courtesy of our volunteer Margaret who on her approach by cycle paused momentarily at Fye Bridge from where she spied the Male sat on the third crocket down of the North East face.

09:30 The days opening view of the Female is provided through means of the tablet, she is as has come almost to be expected positioned within the nest box brooding her chick.

09:49 With him perching on the far side of the spire it makes it harder to notice the absence of a perching bird, for this reason our resident Male is spotted just as he fades into the distance to the north west.

10:18 The Male returns and once again perches around the North side of the spire.

10:20 Much to the relief of the volunteers manning the watch point the Male moves round from the North to the East face and offers his first view through the telescopes of this warm but grey Saturday morning.

10:27 The Male departs with true purpose in flight which whilst not a fully committed stoop, resembles something fairly close to it.

10:29 A noticeably empty handed resident Male cruises almost directly above the ridge of the cathedral roof on a west to east trajectory with far less meaning than he originally departed his perch with.

10:32 Male enters the platform and proceeds to feed from prey remains already in attendance, this causes both the chick and Female to create amongst them quite a raucous, to which the Male appears oblivious and continues unperturbed.

10:37 Eventually the Male can plead ignorance to the cries no more and feeds both of the vocal parties.

10:42 Having fed both his partner and chick seemingly almost equal portions the Male takes with him the remains and settles atop the finials.

10:48 The Male decides a change of vantage point is warranted and moves from the finials to the third crocket above the platform on the south east face.

11:20 The Male leaves his perch, circles the spire before coming to a halt on the North side of the spire.

12:14 Once more the Male circles the spire briefly before returning to his perch.

12:15 This time the Males movement is for a clearly identifiable reason, dropping from the sky at a reasonable rate of knots he makes contact with a now disgruntled Lesser Black Backed Gull before returning to the spire once the mission is deemed complete.

12:45 The Male circles before departing the cathedral to the East.

13:24 The Male reappears, so the Female leaves the platform and circles the close once before settling on the spires north face.

13:34 Having only had opportunity to brood for ten minutes, the looming presence of GA soon appears casting a shadow over the Male in the platform as the sun also finally puts in an appearance momentarily; realising what this means the Male soon relents his position and GA resumes the brooding, he heads to the far side of the spire.

13:37 Having taken over once more the Female feeds the chick.

14:21 Male moves round to the east side and perches one crocket above the platform.

14:25 The Male heads off in a southerly direction.

15:10 GA feeds the chick from prey remains stored within the platform.

15:22 The Male returns with prey which he brings into the platform and proceeds to feed the Female from.

15:35 Having fed his partner for an extended period the Male heads directly east but at far from break-neck speeds.

15:49 The Male returns to perch on the seventh crocket down on the East face of the spire where he remains for the final few minutes of our day.

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