Daily Activity Log for the 27th April 2017

9:30 The volunteers arrive to find GA having assumed the role of incubator, with the Tiercel perched above her 7 crockets down from the top on the South East face.

10:36 A changeover of incubators sees the Male take over and the Female to a perch 3 crockets short of the summit also on the today more sheltered South East face.

11:59 GA leaves the spire.

12:05 Tiercel vacates the nest leaving the eggs unattended and both birds absent, presumably to defend from some form of avian intruder although not visible from the watchpoint.

12:08 GA returns to nest and resumes the incubation.

12:12 Tiercel lands on spire, 4 crockets down on the East face following a brief visit to the nest platform to check on GA.

12:21 Tiercel flies west, circles round to the South East before eventually becoming too distant to be visible.

12:45 Male arrives to second crocket on the Eastern face.

12:55 Male flies off with true purpose to the South East.

13:25 The Tiercel lands atop the golden finials where he feeds.

13:47 Male departs the finials in favour of the second crocket down.

14:05 A Female intruder appears who is chased away from the territory by both resident birds, the Male soon returned to the exposed eggs whilst GA took slightly longer to return to the second crocket down.

14:13 Female flies to the South East.

15:00 No change to the situation and the persistently inclement weather sees the decision made to depart the watch point early today.

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