Daily Activity Log – 16/6/17

9:30 The cathedral Peregrines whereabouts at today’s start of play are as follows:

  • Male perched on the stills camera above the empty platform.
  • Female at the second crocket from the summit of the spire on the eastern face.
  • Fledgling on the south east bell tower inverted cornetto (miniature spire).

10:00 The well rested fledgling remains in situ at the bell tower turret where it is snacking occasionally on prey remains cached here by one of its early rising parents.

10:30 The male takes to the wing, he circles the spire before increasing his radius and encompassing more of the close and passing directly over the watchpoint. Eventually this aerial display draws to a conclusion and the male now lands on the platform ledge itself providing justification to keep glued to the webcam in the chicks absence.

12:45 After an extended uneventful period the male delivers food taken from a hidden larder to the fledgling who has remained in the same location throughout the day thus far.

12:47 The male quickly departs after dropping the only partially prepared carcass off with his now capable offspring, at the same time the Female decides to depart south as the male moves north.

12:58 The male now lands four crockets down on the eastern face in the lee of the strong and persistent breeze.

13:20 The tiercel now flies west effortlessly into  the headwind.

13:30 The Juvenile now leaves the spire and completes a few circuits before landing where it had come from. Shortly after though the urge becomes overwhelming and it once more takes flight, this time to the North.

14:40 The male now returns to the platform ledge nearest the camera for a few minutes before deciding a loftier perch is warranted and moving higher up the spire to four crockets from the top.

15:15 Dropping with the speed of a stone but the accuracy of a peregrine the male delights his audience by stooping parallel to the angle of the spire directly from his perch before disappearing behind the roof. Unfortunately he makes a swift return empty handed on this occasion and returns to the same perch he had so recently departed from.

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  1. Dear Hawk and Owl, Came across the webcam on a visit to Norwich Museum and have followed the peregrine family ever since. Your web site is great, well laid out, informative and easy to navigate. The regular updates are so appreciated as it’s nice to know how the chick is getting on especially now it has fledged and yes I agree it’s worth checking the camera every so often as parents and chick do return to the nest. Fantastic work guys!

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