Chick 1 has arrived!

Our calculations were correct and, as hoped, the first egg of the BUPP 2017 season has hatched at Bath!  The chick appeared to be OK, but there was a bit of a standoff for ‘ownership’ between KP and the falcon; falcon 1 KP 0. 

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  1. I was wondering if you could answer a crucial question for me? In our office we have a sweep stake every year as to the date of the first hatching of the peregrines. This year it landed between two peoples guesses and therefore we need to know what time the first chick hatched. Any ideas? Thanks Tim Biocensus.

    • Hi Tim. I HOPE we can help with this one, although we don’t know the exact moment of hatching but, we believe it was about 8pm on 30th April.

      • Thanks for getting back to me! Was that the last chick? Was the first on the 27th? Any idea of the time for this one? Thanks Tim

        • Hi Tim. Apologies, crossed wires – I thought this was about the Norwich birds. Bath chicks: 1st: 27/04/17 @ 11:49, 2nd: 28/04/17 @ 02:54, 3rd: 28/04/17 @ 09:43 and 4th: 30/04/17 @ 04:01 (or thereabouts). Hope that finally answers the question for you!

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