Cathedral Peregrines Update – T4 Found Dead | 24 June 2013

T4 Found Dead

I am sorry to have to tell you that one of the young peregrine falcons at Norwich Cathedral – ‘T4’ – was found dead on the ground yesterday (Sunday 23). There was no reason immediately obvious which would account for this sad event so we have had a post mortem carried out this morning.

This showed that ‘T4’ died as as a result of ‘accidental natural causes’ from a massive trauma to the brain as a consequence of colliding with something solid while at speed. Although very sad to us, it is a part of the natural spectrum of dangers that raptors face in the wild.

With the earlier loss of ‘T3’ just over a week ago this leaves 2 remaining peregrine fledglings – ‘TX’ and ‘TZ’ – from this years breeding season. They are both fit and well, and flying around the skies above the Cathedral with vigour. It is around 2 weeks since all four chicks fledged the nest.

David Gittens | Volunteer – Wildlife CCTV,
Hawk and Owl Trust – Sculthorpe Moor

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