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Peregrine Post- Norwich Cathedral 25th of April 2017

9.35 GA flew in from the East, landed on a crocket to the side of the small top window, Male incubating eggs

10.32 GA takes a circular flight East over the chancel and returns to the same place

10.39 GA flew West

11.30 GA returns and sits just behind a crocket on the East side just her head in view peering around the corner

12.00 GA flew off East

13.00 GA returns to the spire 2nd crocket down middle right and starts preening

13.40 Male and GA both take flight and start mobbing a buzzard

13.45 Both birds returned to the box momentarily, GA kept alarming and then both birds took flight again to chase of an intruding Peregrine

13.54 Male returns and lands 2nd crocket down middle right and starts preening

14.00 Male flies West

14.08 Male returns to incubate eggs (eggs were left un-incubated for 28 minutes)

14.31 GA returns to 2nd crocket down

14.58 GA flew away

15.05 GA returns carrying food (a pigeon) attempts to land on the golden finials but the wind forces here to land lower down behind the NE turret

15. 20 GA flew off East with prey

16.00 GA returns to golden finial and is seen feeding