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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Log- 21st of June 2017

It was a great day at the watch point for aerial activity. The Juvenile spent most of the day out of sight in the shade and could be heard but not seen until 15.10.

9.40 Male three crockets down on the right.

9.58 Juvenile circles the spire.

10.16 GA lands on the back of the spire two crockets down. Male flies down to the nest and feeds on some old scraps. Then sits on the nest ledge.

11.05 Male flew.

11.19 GA second crocket down on the right.

11.22 Male and GA both flew.

11.36 GA lands in the nest and then hops onto the nest ledge.

11.45 Male two crockets down on the left.

12.10 The male hopped across out of sight.

12.17 GA flew off North to South.

12.44 Male appears two crockets to the left of the top window.

12.47 Male in the box, GA lands on the right hand crocket next to the top window.

12.51 Male flies off.

13.23 GA flies off.

13.33 Male flew in and landed six crockets from the middle window on the right.

13.45 Male flew.

13.50 GA cruising the close; soaring overhead very high.

14.01 GA and the male flying together. Male lands in the nest, Juvenile is heard squawking but is not in sight. GA lands five crockets above the nest.

14.08 GA flew off.

14.15 An adult landed on the back of the spire.

14.40 Adult flew from the back of the spire, stooped on a gull missed twice and flew to the rear of the spire.

14.55 Adult flew South West drifting on thermals.

15.10 Juvenile flew from the top of the bell tower and landed on the front of the spire above the lowest window.

15.30 Juvenile flew around the close and landed on the back of the spire.

15.49 Juvenile landed on the top of the middle window (the window next to the nest ledge).

16.00 The Juvenile flew off South, the male returned to the spire and landed two crockets down.

16.15 The Juvenile landed on the nest platform.

Thanks to all of todays photographers for their help in locating the elusive Juvenile.