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Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Activity Post- 24th of April 2017

9.45 Incubation change over, GA takes over the duties from the male and he flies off and lands 2nd crocket down on the right just in sight giving us a rear view

10.00 Male flies North

10.02 Male circles spire, buzzard overhead, male eventually flies South

10.35 Male returns to 2nd crocket down on right

11.16 Male flew South

12.10 Male returns and lands 1 crocket down from top window on right with only the tail in view

12.22 Male flies and lands 2nd crocket down on right

12.32 Incubation change over male takes over while GA lands on 2nd crocket down and starts preening

13.31 GA flew off

15.16 Heavy rain, Incubation change over GA relieves the male, who lands 2nd crocket down on the middle right. He shakes the rain from his feathers.

15.50 Male flew off W in direct flight and stooped out of sight

15.55 Male returns empty talloned and landed in the same place he then starts preening, he was still there even after the team packed up for the day.