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Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Easter Sunday 1st April:

9:30 The days first activity comes courtesy of the ever diligent photographers, the Male prepares food which he then delivers to GA who had been sat incubating her clutch of four. She leaves the box and takes her morning delivery to the golden finials and the male takes over incubation duty.

10:05 After calling to one another another changeover occurs, this time with the male moving to the third crocket down on the south east face.

11:06 A slight change in the prevailing wind direction sees the male hop round to the southern face of the spire in full view.

12:30 The presence of a female intruder drifting through triggers GA to leave the nest and circle her territory. Her looming presence is enough to put the intruder off venturing too close though and GA now settles atop the spire with the tiercel having moved into the box to take over incubation.

12:50 GA takes flight initially just around the spire while calling to the male, he then leaves the box after his short stint and she enters it. The male settles where he was earlier, high on the southern face of the spire.

13:10 The Male leaves his lofty perch in pursuit of a low flying intruder which seems a similar size to him so is most likely male, the chase occurs on a south to north axis.

13:30 The male makes a return to his resting spot chosen for today.

13:55 The male circles the spire and is lost to us behind it.

15:15 The Male returns to the spire before shortly after making two hunting style stoops over the Tombland area before once again returning to the spire.

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