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Bath chicks ringed, and relaxing afterwards

We ringed four healthy, vocal and feisty (22 to 25 day old) peregrine chicks, at Bath Urban Peregrine Project on Monday 22 May; assessed as three females (Blue Ring PW, weighing in at 910g; PX – 970g; PY – 940g) and one male, the oldest of the bunch from his feather development (PZ – 710g). All were fed that night and the following day normally by the falcon……. and big brother KP, from last year, is seen here posing with his ‘sisters’ and ‘brother’ after the event.

It’s all happening at the Bath nest! Since the last update another two chicks have hatched. One during the night and the third appeared just before 10am this morning. We will keep you updated on any news as the falcon… Continue Reading