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Norwich Nest Box Clean 2019

On Friday the 11th of January 2019 the Norwich Peregrine nest box was cleaned and topped up.



Photos left to right: The nest box before and after the clean. The Male sat on the spire (photo taken by Chris Skipper) and the view from the front edge of the nest box looking down.

An activity log was taken by Julie Curl a long standing volunteer to monitor the Peregrines behaviour whilst the nest box was visited.

Peregrine nest clean observations. Thursday 11th January 2019.

9.45am Male on spire on south side just below top window. GA on gold decoration

9.50am GA flies down and calls quietly and lands on crocket next to crocket and invites mating. Male flies off and lands on overhead camera on nest box, GA plays hard to get.

GA moves higher up spire and to east of top window. Brief ‘chupping’ noises.

9.52 GA flies round spire as team appears on bell tower.

10am GA flying round and male on overhead camera.

10.02am GA and male fly round spire

10.03 GA lands near top window on south east. Male flies off to south east and not seen again throughout cleaning process.

10.15 GA watches from just below top south window.

10.20 GA moves to 7 crockets above nest and watches. Three Cormorant s fly from MW to SE close to spire, ignored by GA.

10.36am GA moves to 2 crockets from top of spire on east side and watches quietly and stays in same place during and after cleaning.

Julie Curl. 11/1/19 

Photo: The pair inspecting the box post cleaning