10 Responses to Breeding ‘action’ photos at Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

  1. this is fantastic!.. to be able to watch the story unfold daily is wonderful…. I look in several times a day and have seen them changing the duty for sitting on the nest .
    I think this is wonderful and beautiful that we can be a part of their life.

  2. What a brave pair these birds are,lets hope the weather soon improves for the hatching,they bring so much joy.

  3. What great news,we have these beautiful birds back to enchant us for another year.I followed their amazing lives last year.Very addictive I was watching them them every day.Lets hope they manage to do as we’ll as last year.The female will have more experience this time round.

  4. It’s great to be able to see this again this year – what a brilliant set up. Looking forward to watching it all unfold …..whatever this year brings!

  5. How exciting, i’m going to be watching everday like last year, with this snow today the camera is all blurred. Hopefully it will clear up.

  6. Just got the message to say an egg had been laid. This is so exciting, last year I was watching daily. Now I guess I know what I will be doing for the next few months. Hope everything is as successful as last year, even tho there was the sadness of losing the little one. Remind me, Please, was be named Valient or something similar?

  7. Wow this is amazing and I’ve just heard that there is an egg! I’m so excited…just hope they don’t freeze! Does anyone know if these are the same adults from last year or are they the chicks from last year?

    • It is believed these are the same birds as last year, for several reasons.

      1. They never really went away!
      2. They mate for life.
      3. There are not that many Peregrines in Norfolk, let alone Norwich.
      4. See 1.

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