Bath’s KP’s sister seen in London

Those of you who have been following the fortunes of the Peregrines at the Bath Urban Peregrine Project this year will have seen how our 2016 fledged tiercel ‘KP’ assisted, in his own sweet way, with incubation and brooding duties. Thanks to eagle-eyed Stuart of the London Peregrine Partnership we were first made aware that a blue-ringed Peregrine had been spotted, ‘in the London area’. Within a matter of days Stuart contacted us again to advise that he’d got a good look at the bird, that it was definitely blue-ringed and that the letters on the ring were ‘KR’. We were extremely pleased to hear that KP’s sibling KR was alive and well, but even more pleased to hear that she was in the company of a male. In Stuart’s latest report he advised, “I found her [KR] early in the morning having just fed. A very bold Crow landed nearby and proceeded to steal the prey remains next to her as she looked on. She came off after the Crow then flew in the direction of the church, where I found her ten minutes later perched near a second bird. KR was clearly the bigger of the two. The tiercel is an un-ringed adult. I spoke to a couple of gardeners in the park opposite, who have heard them vocalising and seen them chasing pigeons.” Watch this space for future updates.