4 Responses to Bath Urban Peregrines Nearly Ready to Fledge!

  1. There are comments on social media sites to the effect that JX was, “pushed from the scrape.” These comments are incorrect. Analysis of the recording has shown that JX launched herself from the platforn before turning around and flying to nearby rooftops. A video clip will be posted on this site in due course.

  2. The small one with a blue ring keeps looking down to the ledge this morning. I’m sure she’s ready to take the test flight.

    • The small one is the male (JZ), and it’s not unlikely that one of the adults is on the balustrade underneath the box trying to lure them out with food. All three are effectively the same age so should be ready to go around the same time. This is day 42 since they were hatched so we’re comfortably in the fledge ‘window’. It’s just a matter of being brave enough to launch head first or going for the well established, if unplanned, peregrine ‘back flip’ approach to fledging.

  3. Hatched overnight 3rd – 4th May, and ringed on 26 May, we believe we have two females (blue rings JX and JY), and one male (JZ)at Bath this year. The chicks are in effect 40 days old now and are expected to fledge in the next few days.

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