Bath Update 31/03/2017

It looks for all the world as if the falcon is attempting to regain control of the nest from KP through peaceful protest.  These webcam shots are from around 04:00 this morning (30 Mar) and cover the span of about ten minutes.  The falcon had been looming over KP from 20:00 to 22:00 last night before taking a break and returning to continue her vigil.  While the activity in the box may be peaceful in the presence of the eggs, the gloves are most certainly off outside.  There have been reports in the past few days of mid-air jousts and of two peregrines driving a third to the ground.  We can but watch and wait as this wholly natural ‘drama’ is played out in front of us, and live in hope that KP’s shenanigans have not led to any damage to the eggs.

These shots are really self-explanatory showing the falcon making her presence felt, KP eventually leaving (totally ignored by the falcon), and the falcon appearing to check the eggs before settling down.

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