Feeding Time for 2015 Bath Peregrines

The 2015 Nestlings Have Large Appetites

Peregrines have bred for nine successive years on the nest platform installed by the Hawk and Owl Trust. Conservationists are able to keep them under observation via a video camera (View the Bath UPP Webcam here). In 2015, all the excitement took place just before Easter on the spire of St John’s RC Church in central Bath. The falcon laid the first of this years 4 eggs on 25 March, the remaining eggs followed at pretty regular 52 hour intervals. Over the next weeks the adults took turns incubating the eggs until the big day arrived when they hatched. From the 4 eggs laid, 3 cute and fluffy (and very wobbly) chicks hatched.

The movie below shows the first 3 chick feed of 2016…

Notice how the falcon carefully fed her chicks? Rest assured that they all rotated position during feeding so even the little one at the back eventually got its fair share. Over the next couple of weeks, with regular food deliveries from both adults the chicks continued to grow

Known as the 'Food Coma' the three recently fed chicks relax and digest
Known as the ‘Food Coma’ the three recently fed chicks relax and digest in the sun

As you can see from the pictures below, the chicks soon grew up into fine specimens, and all successfully fledged by 17th June 2015.

20160115 - Hamish Smith - HOT-Prefledge
The Bath chicks just prior to fledging
20160109 - Hamish Smith - HOT-206-9351 (JZ)
Tiercel JZ
Falcon JY
20160109 - Hamish Smith - HOT-207-0463-(JX)
Falcon JX

20151229 - BUPP Fade 05-16