Bath fledging, it’s all go: latest updates

(left) PW on the church after a second, intentional fledge in good weather, having been recovered by a member of the public and released close to the church yesterday. (centre) PX being assessed at the International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) at Newent. Hawk and Owl Trust South West Projects Trustee, and Director of the ICBP, Jemima Parry Jones along with her team had once again worked their magic and the peregrine fledgling was ready for collection for release. The bird had a slight injury on her leg with swelling and, on vets advice, we removed the blue identifying colour-ring to avoid potential problems. PX, now minus her ring, was quietly replaced on the nest box yesterday. (right) PY has been seen around the city in various places, here on a bike in the yard of the brand new University of Bath ‘Virgil Building’. With a little help on occasion by the peregrine team she is also still around the church.

The fledging of the Bath Peregrine chicks continues in fits and starts but, finally, they are all out of the nest! At least the weather has improved for them. From early fledging, possibly ‘aided’ by the strong winds at the time, to returning youngsters there is still plenty of back and forth at the nest site.

Parents will bring food to fledged chicks where ever they are and, once they have left the nest and got their bearings, the youngsters are pretty good at keeping their heads down – keeping themselves out of sight of gulls and other species likely to harass them and also, sadly, to us as well!

This is always a critical time for the young birds and mistakes are made, especially landing on the ground, in roads, water etc. Our team in Bath is actively keeping tabs, as far as possible, on the youngsters when they are away from the nest. Ideally we can leave the birds to fledge entirely naturally and learn about their world around them at their own pace but, if you do see a young bird in distress or danger then please let us know, ideally by sending a text to 07789625416. (NB We will not be responding to requests for information, or general sightings on this number, please only use this number if you find a fledgling in imminent danger)

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