Bath catch up

For those of you wondering how the fledged birds are doing at Bath, and what the latest news is, here is a summary by our volunteer Bath Urban Peregrine Officer:

Of late, the majority of the action at BUPP has been taking place around St John’s RC church and in the skies over the city. Since the point at which tiercel ‘AA’ was seen attempting to convince 2016’s ‘KP’ (currently moulting into his advanced immature plumage) that he should no longer be entering the nest box, ‘AA’ has been exercising his ownership rights over the nest. There has also been the occasional visit by the falcon, but more frequently there has been usage by the remaining three 2017 juveniles. One recent exchange illustrates the current situation…Early on the morning of 27 July, resident tiercel ‘AA’ visited and checked out his nesting platform, littered with debris from this year’s brood. In the cache at the back he finds a piece of tasty looking ‘lunch’. He grabs it and drags it to the front of the box, where he prefers to eat, and tucks in.

However, after a few minutes 2017 juvenile ‘PX’ takes exception to HER cached meal being pilfered and indelicately recovers the prey item from her father, returns it to her cache as he looks on and then unceremoniously dismisses him from the nest. You may recall that ‘PX’ is the juvenile that fledged early, tempted out of the nest by the falcon in driving rain, and after being rescued on two occasions from the hazards of Bath spent some time in the tender care of the National Raptor Hospital at the International Centre for Birds of Prey. Jemima Parry-Jones and her staff worked their magic and PX was soon returned to the nest at Bath, albeit on veterinary advice without her blue ring. Having handled this ‘big beastie’ four times now, when I ringed, rescued and returned her, I’d prefer not to have to handle her again while she’s in this mood. She appears to spend more time back in the nest than her siblings, and that could well be a function of the extra few days she spent recuperating there after she was returned from ICBP. It will be interesting to see when, in relation to her siblings, she leaves the area.

In response to a number of enquiries: to date we have had no sightings of male ‘PZ’ since he left the area early.